In the CPAAS category V-Connect WhatsApp Business solution is very desirable channel to use, its very simple, secured and effective channel, just like our daily messaging over Whatsapp, customers can contact your business via the same, like how they do with family and friends. WhatsApp Business lets your business connect with over 2 billion users across 180 countries in a reliable and secured way with end to end encryption.

Market survey indicates the customers want superior experience from the businesses and expecting the real-time query resolutions and smart communications. V-Connect WABA is an important platform to retain or regain the customer interest in an instant way. We can help you integrate WhatsApp Business API to drive customer engagement through smart and context-aware communication.


Platform which is unavoidable

Presence in 180 Countries

1.5 billion users

25 times whatsapp daily average check by any user

60 Languages support

Engagement matters

65 billion messages per day

7,50,000 messages per day

450 million daily active users

Whatsapp Impact on Business

3 million Businesses on whatsapp

1 million new users daily

99% Open rate

40% + Response rate

Notifications & updates automation

Connect your CRM applications, mobile applications or any other apps/softwares with V-Connect provided whatsapp Business APIs and stay connected with your customers through their favorite app. Easy API integrations will trigger the different whatsapp messages such as product updates, service delivery updates, alerts, OTPs transactional notifications and more.

No more 160 character limit

Now feel free to write your lengthy messages and utilize the complete 1024-character limit, use this enhanced character limit and send the regional messages, this platform is easy to use for SMEs and Big enterprises to share lot more information.

Maintain the Brand visibility

Trustworthy, verified and authentic whatsapp channel could be your Official Brand handle to deal with customers, enterprises can use their Brand name & logo, which gives the genuinity confidence to customers while communicating over chat.


Feel free to share audio files, videos, PDFs, images with your audience. Businesses can send product Invoice, ticket, policy statements, updates, reminders, and make the customer feel valued.

International reach made easy

WhatsApp is a worldwide platform and has the Global reach over 180 countries, so no worries about your Global audience reach.

Seamless customer support

WhatsApp Business Solution empowers businesses to provide real-time customer support with “Template messages” and can do the two-way real-time communications as “session messages” Reduce the operational cost by whatsapp BOT implementation for FAQs and implement live chats for customer satisfaction and quick replies by Customer care multiple agents.

Drive engagement

Smart Bots and multiple agent support can drive customer engagement and standardize replies with Quick Replies and Call-to-Action buttons are the supporters in engaging the customers.

Transparent Dashboards

V-Connect WABA dashboard is giving the transparency for conversational view, which helps in the conversation flow betterment.

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