Private Cloud from V-Connect

Secure, Lightning-fast Cloud Solutions

Some companies have reservations about the security of shared hardware used for hosted solutions. V-Connect’s private cloud solutions combines the hardware and software to provide a secure, automated, and flexible environment for managing a single organization that fulfill the dynamic and unpredictable computing needs. We provide the freedom to choose network routers, switches, firewalls, server hardware and cloud computing software.

Private Cloud Features

On Demand Self - Service

Complete monitoring of system usage and provision to resource at run-time by the user without the need of any host provider or IT expert.

Easy Network Access

Since, this is a cloud service, the user can make use of its services and access his resources from anywhere and anytime.


With the dedicated infrastructure at hand, the user gets to access his resources with complete security over his data files by our cloud hosting providers.

Rapid Elasticity and Expansion

Easy scalability for growing business over the virtual private clouds so that it keeps up with the changing demand of the businesses.